2022 September Spotlight: Healthcare

The Healthcare sector has traditionally been well represented in the convertible bond universe, usually ranking only behind Technology in size. Healthcare companies opt to issue convertible bonds for varying reasons, including balance sheet considerations, acquisitions, debt refinancing, or share repurchases. Biotechnology & specialty pharma companies, in particular, have historically utilized the convertible bond asset class considerably to finance their growth objectives.

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The yearly awards, presented by Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor recognize active managers who have beaten their benchmarks, shown solid performance in general over time and are the best in their respective asset class.  Eligibility requires the portfolio manager have $200 million in assets and three years of experience.  Additionally, the managers also need to be open to new investment on the Envestnet platform.  Award finalists were chosen using Envestnet | PMC’s proprietary, systematic, and multi-factor methodology for evaluating managers, which takes a variety of qualitative and quantitative criteria into consideration, such as investment process and style, performance, firm profile, customer service, and tax efficiency. SSI Investment Management did not pay to participate.

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