SSI Unlevered Hedged Convertible FAQ

What is an Unlevered Hedged Convertible Arbitrage allocation?

An Unlevered Hedged Convertible allocation is a conservative version of Convertible Arbitrage. The investment objective of this strategy is to provide enhanced income and a diversifying return, while still significantly reducing portfolio volatility. The strategy delivers high interest income available on convertible securities, while hedging the equity risk by taking a short position in the same company’s underlying common stock. The opportunity set also includes gains through inefficiencies that exist in the marketplace and an increase in volatility in the market activity.

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The yearly awards, presented by Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor recognize active managers who have beaten their benchmarks, shown solid performance in general over time and are the best in their respective asset class.  Eligibility requires the portfolio manager have $200 million in assets and three years of experience.  Additionally, the managers also need to be open to new investment on the Envestnet platform.  Award finalists were chosen using Envestnet | PMC’s proprietary, systematic, and multi-factor methodology for evaluating managers, which takes a variety of qualitative and quantitative criteria into consideration, such as investment process and style, performance, firm profile, customer service, and tax efficiency. SSI Investment Management did not pay to participate.

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